CNA Classes in Utah

Residents who are interested in pursuing a career as a certified nursing assistant (CNA) can take the first step by enrolling with certified CNA schools in Utah. The CNA certification is overseen and managed by UNAR (the Utah Nursing Assistant Registry).

Certification Requirements in UT

In order to be eligible for the certification test, applicants are expected to meet the UNAR requirements. This includes the successful completion of state outlined courses as well as a specified number of hours spent under clinical supervision at a health care facility.

Individuals who have successfully completed their clinical training and passed their courses at certified CNA schools can apply for the CNA examination. The certification exam must be taken within 12 years of the successful completion a program at an accredited program in Utah. There are 12 different testing sites in Utah.

The State certification exam is made up of a written (multiple choice questions) and a practical (clinical) test designed to assess a student’s ability in both. Students will be required to pass both the written and skill test with a minimum 75% score achieved in both. Students who successfully pass their test will be issued a license, registered and allowed to practice as a CNA.

Accredited CNA Classes in Utah

Dixie State College of Utah

With a hundred-year history, the Dixie State College of Utah offers an 118 hour CNA program that is broken into 24 hours of clinical practical training, 4 hrs. of course work and 70 hours of lectures and lab experience. The entire program lasts for a semester. During this period, students learn all that they’ll need to become effective CNAs.

Salt Lake Community College

The Salt Lake Community College offers a Certified Nursing Assistant program that can be completed in 4 to 6 weeks depending on if students enroll for a day or evening classes. The program is run by certified medical professionals who supervise students in the classroom and clinical settings. Salt Lake Community College has over 12 different locations spread across the city.

Course Work & Prerequisites

In other to be found eligible for a college CNA schools in Utah, students will need to be at least 18, in possession of a high school diploma and fairly proficient in English.

There are different state certified programs available in Utah. Students can choose to enroll in Utah CNA training programs offered at hospitals, community colleges or technical schools. CNA training in Utah may also be offered by independent health agencies.

The CNA training program is aimed at preparing students for the real life applications of patient care. Some of the courses covered during Utah CNA training include;

  • Bacteriology
  • Physiology
  • Patient Care
  • Checking Vitals
  • Nursing Ethics

Job Expectations

The median national annual wage for certified nursing assistants is $24,000. Utah Certified Nursing assistants within the top ten percent earn as much as $34,580. The average salary income for nursing assistants in Utah is 8% lower than other parts of the country. Utah offers the 35th highest salary for nursing assistants in the U.S. With over 10,000 CNAs, Utah accounts for approximately 1% of the working nursing assistants in the country.

Individuals who successfully complete their CNA training program can choose to work full time or part time as attendants, orderlies, and aides at healthcare facilities. The Bureau of Statistics predicts that the employment of Certified Nursing Assistants will rise by 20% by 2020 making it one of the fastest growing professions in the country.

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