CNA classes in Victorville

Victorville is in California, and it is almost near in Los Angeles.  It has a population of 111,000 according to recent statistics. It is known to have a different kind of atmosphere compared to the city area, and the urban places are not that very far. Aside from that, it is known to have significant opportunities for employment, especially in the medical sector. In fact, CNA professionals are in demand in Victorville. You just need to have the proper CNA classes in Victorville to get you started.

Those who are enrolled in CNA classes in Victorville are required to have at the minimum of 50 hours of lecture classes and 100 hours of clinical hands-on work. Before getting into the CNA classes, a thorough criminal background check, as well as physical examination including TB screening and drug test, should be done. Potential participants should also have a Social Security number and a current CPR certification from the American Heart Association.

As soon as you completed the training course program for Certified Nursing Assistants, you are required to take the board exam for nurse aide. You can go to the California Nursing Assistant Registry for more details. Once you pass the licensing test, you will be automatically registered at the CNA Registry and will have an opportunity to work right away in different healthcare settings.


Free CNA classes are often available in Victorville to encourage more people to consider a career in the healthcare field. These no-cost training programs are available through various schools and state-approved healthcare facilities in the city. Interested individuals can check for scholarships or grants available in the nearest school offering a CNA training in Victorville. Such tuition assistance programs may be limited but availing it can be a perfect opportunity to study without paying the tuition and other related expenses of the CNA course.

Furthermore, there are also plenty of healthcare facilities providing sponsored or paid training to potential applicants. This kind of training is offered only to those who are willing to work for them after becoming certified. So if you want to take the chance to become a CNA for free, you can apply and apply for a paid CNA training in various medical settings. Among these facilities are St. Mary Medical CenterVictor Valley Community Hospital and Desert Valley Hospital.

Take note that it is also essential to check the credibility of the school or facility providing a free CNA class. If you plan to pursue further education sooner or later, ensure that the school or institution is approved by the California State of Department of Health. Spend some time researching and apply for a free CNA class if this government office recognizes it.


There are many CNA schools in Victorville offering the appropriate training to enable you to provide quality care to patients or residents in a healthcare facility. These institutions have varying admission requirements and class size. If you want to enroll, check the schools listed below and know when to submit your application.

Chaffey College

The CNA training program offered by Chaffey College is approved by the California Department of Public Health. This training program allows participants to take the licensing test for Nurse Assistant Certification which can be a qualification for them to start a career in the healthcare field. The CNA training program is a rigorous training that combines classroom instruction, skills training, and hands-on clinical practice. All students in the program must make a full-time commitment to study and finish the course without absences or records of tardiness. Chaffey College will ensure that participants receive adequate knowledge, skills, and experience in preparation for their licensing and potential employment in various healthcare facilities. Class size is small, and students receive a personalized instruction particularly during the hands-on clinical practice.

To get into the CNA program, interested individuals must be at least 16 years old and must gain an admission to Chaffey College. These prospective students must also pass the Reading or English Assessment of the college, and should submit a record of flu shots, a current CPR card, a Social Security Number, a completed application form, and a proof of attending a mandatory information meeting. Lateness is highly discouraged in the program. Individuals with commitments like work or family should make a proper arrangement to avoid compromising the training schedule.

The approximate cost of the CNA training program is $1,757. This does not include the testing exam fee, parking fee, health costs, and expenses on CPR training, uniforms, medical supplies, drug screening, TB test, and criminal background check. Students who wish to avail a tuition assistance should consult the school’s Financial Aid Office. Scholarships and grants may be available for those who are getting a CNA training at Chaffey College.

Victor Valley College

Victor Valley College is another institution in Victorville that offers a state-approved CNA training program. This course allows students to become acquainted with the basic principles of nursing, techniques, and essential procedures. It also enables the participants to meet the patient’s physical and psychological needs while promoting independence safely and competently. Clinical rotations will take place in extended care facilities with supervision from a licensed instructor. Moreover, finishing the CNA training program at Victor Valley College lets graduates take the state certification exam to become certified as nursing assistants in California. The course is offered several times a year and individuals who are interested in taking the program can apply anytime.

The admission process of the CNA training requires submission of a high school diploma or GED equivalent, a criminal background check, drug screening, TB testing, and complete immunization record. Enrollees should also pass the entrance examination of Victor Valley College and must meet the required scores for English tests. The Certified Nursing Assistant training course is a perfect opportunity to start a career in the healthcare field. The school provides high-quality instructions from the best instructors who have years of experience in the area.

Nevertheless, students who want to take the CNA course should prepare for the estimated costs of the program which is around $695. This usually includes the tuition fees, registration, books, supplies, uniforms, and liability insurance. Scholarships, loans, and grants may be available at their Financial Aid Office, and students are encouraged to apply these opportunities as soon as possible. Due to the limited class size, only a few applicants are admitted in every program.

Reach Centers

Reach Centers is one of the strong institutions offering a CNA training program approved by the California Department of Health. Completing the course makes graduates eligible for the certification exam. The CNA training program of Reach Centers has a total of 224 hours of instruction, divided to 176 hours of clinical rotations, 24 hours of the professional development program, and 24 hours of externship. Participants will learn several concepts and skills that are essential in a nursing assistant practice. Among the topics discussed are fundamentals in nursing, the art of caregiving, anatomy, and physiology, infection control, the importance of nutrition, communication skills, emergency procedures, essential nursing procedures, and many more.

Reach Centers require all potential participants to meet the pre-requisites of the program. Students must be at least 16 years old and should have attended an information session and a mandatory orientation before the start of class. These individuals must also meet the physical and health requirements of the program as well as the criminal background check. The total tuition cost of the program is $2,195 which does not include the transportation expenses. Students should provide their transportation to and from the classroom and clinical rotations, and those who live outside the campus should be responsible for covering their living expenses.

The CNA training program of Reach Centers does not guarantee a state certification. However, the facility will make sure that all graduates receive adequate training and clinical experience to make them pass the licensing exam and become competent healthcare providers. Review classes are offered after completion of the course, and students will have an opportunity to use the facilities and equipment available in their simulation lab.

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