CNA Classes In Virginia Beach VA

Virginia Beach is famous for its beachside living, rest and relaxation and it also having a boom in the medical career arena. One in demand career in this field is certified nursing assisting which can be an entry to exciting medical employment. CNA offers good salary, real benefits as well as an opportunity to move to high level positions like LPN or RN, for instance. However, in order for you to become CNA, you must first take CNA Classes in Virginia Beach, VA.

CNA Classes In Virginia Beach VA & Norfolk Area

When it comes to requirements for medical professionals like CNAs, the US states can set their own kind of requirements as long as it exceeds or meet with the guidelines that are being mandated by the federal government. In Virginia, it has rigorous education which requires you to have a full 120 hour course divided into two which is 80 hours for course work and clinic work spends 40 hours. The course usually last for about 8 weeks. However, there are courses that have flexible option to allow you to accommodate your day to day needs. Virginia Board Of Nursing has detailed information about this career path as well.

If you fail at first, there are three attempts in retaking of the examination. If you still fail, you are required to re-enroll to CNA classes in Virginia prior to retaking of the exam. When you pass, you are assured of registration within the state and license (you can see Virginia nursing registry here). Yet, when you have felony convictions that involves with neglect or violent crimes, you are not allowed to become a CNA professional and you are advised to switch into a different profession or field. In addition to that, there is a needed full background check prior to the examination proper.

In Virginia Beach, there is a key training centers which provide state approved quality education. The two most common training centers are Abbot Education Center and Tidewater Community College. The later is considered to be as the most famous training center in the city and does not need tuition cost and additional materials.

Virginia Beach is known for relaxation, beachside enjoyment and rest. Aside from that, it is also the best place to have a medical career. On in demand position is the CNA When you are at Virginia Beach and is a CNA professional, you can expect real benefits like good salary as well as the opportunity to go to other medical fields like RN or LPN. With the growing demand of CNAs, there have been academic institutions which provides CNA classes in Virginia Beach

CNA classes in Virginia Beach

In accordance with the Virginia Department of Health, the CNA classes in Virginia Beach meets with the requirements set by them. It should have rigorous education that consists of 120 hours of educational training course which is divided into 40 hours hands on clinical experience training and 80 hours of classroom lecture. The length of time for the training course usually lasts for 8 weeks more or less.

 Taking the examination for CNA is the next step. There is a retry for those who do not pass the examination on the first try. A total of three attempts are given per persons who are undergoing the examination. However, if you still do not pass after the third attempt, you must reenroll in the CNA classes in Virginia Beach.

CNA courses in Virginia Beach

When you dream of becoming a CNA, you need to be educated and train for it. There is a variety of institution which has CNA courses in Virginia Beach. You should be extra careful in enrolling into an institution. In helping you with that, you need to consult the Virginia Department of Health.The following are accredited training centers that have CNA courses in Virginia Beach:

 Tidewater Community College

They are the academic institution that is known to train providers for medical professionals such as CNA especially in Virginia Beach. They have full training courses. In addition to that, they provide you with the basic knowledge that you need in your career.

 Abbot Education Center

This is the right training center which provides you the things that you need to become a great CNA. They have a variety of course that is affordable for everyone. One of the well known courses that they have is the CNA course training program.

Free CNA Classes In Virginia Beach & Norfolk

If you do not want to spend your own money on becoming a qualified CNA in Virginia, you can always try to look for free CNA Classes in Virginia Beach and Norfolk area. Best place to start if you are under 26 is local Job Corps. There are no Job Corps currently in Virginia Beach, but there are 3 in the state of Virginia. You can find them here.

If you are older than 26 or do not qualify for Job Corps, then you should look for scholarships and grants for nurses in Virginia. Currently there are few available through FAFSACommonwealth of Virginia Nursing Scholarship Program  and Mary Marshall Nursing Scholarship Program for Registered Nurses.

On top of that you can try finding free CNA classes in Virginia Beach or Norfolk area by contacting local nursing homes like M.E. Cox, Atlantic Shores and many others. Even though nursing homes do not do CNA training themselves, they may pay for your CNA classes if they hire you.

There are key employers who are willing to give Free CNA classes in Virginia Beach. They mostly hire you and allow you to work for them while shouldering your educational expenses. They mostly are in need of CNA professionals. The following key employers who have medical facilities include Complete Women’s Care, Bon Secours Hampton Roads Health System, Children’s Hospital of The King’s Daughter and Sentara Hampton Roads.

Aside from that you can also have loan or scholarship grants provided by the academic institution which allows such students to have grants. You can find a listing from the Virginia Department of Health for Free CNA classes in Virginia Beach.

CNA Salaries In Virginia Beach, VA

The average annual salary for CNAs in Virginia is around $24,000. Yet, one must note that the different medical centers as well as specializations will have a greater effect in the salary wage that you have.

In training, the skills learned are the basic medical device usage, grooming and bathing of the patients, assisting patients that have mental health conditions and reading the record results as well as monitoring equipment.

The Virginia Beaches Craigslist’s Online Jobs (Under Norfolk) is the place to go when you are looking for a CNA job that is right for you. The advantage in checking out the postings for jobs is that it gives you potential salary and other job related information. However, you should not settle for job advertisement online. You can also check out medical staffing agencies which hires a high percent of medical professionals like CNAs. When you have the guts, you can apply directly at key employers like Complete Women’s Care, Bon Secours Hampton Roads Health System, Children’s Hospital of The King’s Daughter, and Sentara Hampton Roads which includes the Sentara Virginia Beach General Hospital.


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