CNA Classes in Washington

Washington has many training programs for those interested in becoming a certified nursing assistant, though the title is more commonly referred to as a NAC or Nurse Assistant- Certified in this state. The courses can be expensive, and confident aides may be able to qualify for grants to cover their educational path. Some facilities (long-term care) may offer NAC training; this training is provided for free and may also be a paid training course.


The courses in Washington must be at least 85 hours long and have two sections: written and clinical. An additional training course will need to be completed before the student can sit for the state’s final NAC exam. The other path if about 7 hours long and focuses on HIV and AIDS. Students will need to have proof of this extra training when they challenge the final exam. Out of state aides must complete this training before they can apply for reciprocity or to sit for the final examination. Student nurses may also petition the state to be allowed to challenge the final exam; most nursing courses will have the 7-hour training course on HIV and AIDS (or bloodborne pathogens) in the primary nursing course.


The state’s final exam is also the national CNA exam. All states have a two-portion review – written multiple choice and a manual skills evaluation. The written test consists of 72 multiple-choice questions and must be passed before the student can take the manual section. Manual skills are demonstrated on 5 of the 25 skills learned during training. No student may be certified if they are unable to receive a passing grade on both sections of the test. As per federal mandate, the student may only sit for the exam three times if they have failed. After three tries without a passing grade, the student must retake training.


Renewal of the nurse aide’s certification is every two years. The aide must provide proof of working in a for-pay capacity during the previous twenty-four months. Failure to provide this evidence or inability to complete the renewal paperwork in full will result in the certification lapsing. A lapsed certification will disqualify the aide from working as a NAC, and the aide may need to re-take the entire NAC training course and the final exam before being allowed to work again. There is a small fee for re-certification.

Procare Academy of Washington

The CNA training program of Procare Academy of Washington is a perfect healthcare course to start a career that gives you a lot of fulfillment, growth, and endless opportunities. Becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant can be used as a stepping stone to get a stable job while studying a diploma or bachelor’s degree in nursing. Most employers would hire a nursing assistant who already completed a CNA training program from a reputable school like Procare Academy of Washington. Thus, enrolling in this institution will give you an edge among other nursing assistants.

The CNA training program is a short healthcare course that is comprised of comprehensive classroom instruction, laboratory experience, and hands-on clinical practice. Procare Academy of Washington will provide the best clinical instructors who have years of experience in the field and who will guide the student through every step of their journey towards becoming a CNA. Aspiring nursing assistants can also take advantage in the school’s state of the art facilities and simulation lab equipped with tools and equipment to help the students practice the essential CNA skills. Upon completion of the CNA training program, graduates can take the state certification exam which qualifies them for a full-time or part-time job in various healthcare settings.

Procare Academy of Washington has an excellent reputation in the producing competent and qualified nursing assistants in the state. Through their superb training, expert clinical instructors, and modern facilities, graduates are assured of getting a job in the healthcare field as soon as they become certified as nursing assistants.

Nursing Assistant Training School

The mission of Nursing Assistant Training School is to provide a quality CNA training program in the state of Washington that allows the students to understand the profession and provide adequate care to their patients. The program also helps the healthcare industry produce more nursing assistants who can work in various facilities like hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, and many others. The CNA course of Nursing Assistant Training School combines classroom instruction and hands-on clinical practice. Among the topics discussed are anatomy and physiology, nutrition, infection control, fundamentals of nursing, medical procedures, the range of motion exercises, body mechanics, CPR, first aid training, AED usage, and essential nursing procedures.

During the hands-on clinical practice of the CNA training program, students work directly with patients under the supervision of a Registered Nurse. This will provide an excellent experience to aspiring nursing assistants who want to work in the healthcare field. Nursing Assistant Training School offers one of the best CNA training programs in the state with an affordable tuition that costs around $600. Textbooks will be provided for free, but students have to secure their uniforms, medical supplies, and transportation for their clinical rotations. The school also has a long list of potential employers who will reimburse tuition costs. These employers are usually skilled nursing facilities that hire Certified Nursing Assistants who graduated from Nursing Assistant Training School. If you become employed in a long-term care facility within a year of completing the CNA course, the healthcare facility will automatically reimburse your expenses in the training and certification exam.

MaryAnn’s CNA Training

MaryAnn’s CNA Training has a mission of ensuring that the public has several qualified and well trained Certified Nursing Assistants who can show a high level of compassion, dignity, and skills to patients, residents, and clients they serve. This is the reason why their CNA classes have created and produce competent nursing assistants who are ready to embark a fulfilling journey in the healthcare field. The Certified Nursing Assistant training program of MaryAnn’s is approved by the state Department of Education and Board of Nursing. Graduates become eligible for the certification exam for nursing assistants and will be qualified to work in various healthcare settings.

Undergoing a CNA course will be a good starting point for a career in nursing. The program is often recognized in various colleges or universities. Thus, graduates can pursue an advanced education if they wish to do so. Moreover, students in the program will go through a rigorous training that combines classroom instruction and hands-on clinical practice. The classroom instruction will discuss several nursing topics that are essential in a CNA practice. It also includes a skills training in a simulation lab wherein students get to practice or perform the different nursing procedures that they might give to their assigned patients later on. Lastly, the hands-on clinical practice which will take place in an affiliated nursing facility will a supervised training that provides an opportunity for aspiring healthcare professionals to render quality nursing services.

The cost of the CNA training program in MaryAnn’s is $950 which includes books, medical supplies, tuberculosis test, background check, and registration. The tuition also covers the expenses for CPR and BLS training, as well as a seven-hour HIV or AIDS training.

Excel Health Careers Training

Individuals who are seeking for a stable and rewarding career can study a CNA training program in Excel Health Careers Training. This healthcare institution has been providing quality education to individuals who want to enter in the field of nursing. The course is a rigorous program that covers several nursing subjects which are essential in a CNA practice. These topics include anatomy and physiology, medical terminologies and abbreviations, the importance of excellent communication, the art of caregiving, fundamentals in nursing, infection control, nutrition, patient safety, and many others. The CNA training program will also enable the students to render nursing care through skills training and hands-on clinical rotations. They will be able to know how to take vital signs, perform a range of motion exercise, assist in the patient’s activities of daily living, understand the medical terms in patient’s charts, transport or lift patients, and many others.

The CNA training program of Excel Health Careers Training is limited to some students. The school ensures that their needs are met and they become successful in their chosen field. All clinical instructors have licensed nurses with a great experience in a skilled nursing facility. The facilities are also equipped with modern tools and medical equipment to help the students practice the required nursing skills. Most importantly, Excel Health Careers Training provides a conducive learning environment and job assistance to those who pass the certification exam successfully.

The cost of the CNA training program is $600 inclusive of CPR, first aid, and HIV training. Students who struggle financially can also seek for scholarships and grants to lessen the cost of the training and finish the course without spending a lot.

Medprep Nursing Assistant Training

If you have the desire to become employed in hospitals, nursing homes, or private home nursing facilities, Medprep Nursing Assistant Training will help you achieve that goal. The school offers a CNA training program that has smaller class size and flexible schedules. You can attend a class either in the morning or the evening, depending on your availability and preferred plan. You can also finish the Certified Nursing Assistant course in as little as one month. The classroom instruction and skills practice in laboratory days take twelve days to complete, and the clinical internship rotations run for five days. Infection control is emphasized in the program and students are provided a comfortable and healthy learning environment.

The tuition cost of the program is $645 which includes a training manual and a seven-hour HIV or AIDS training. This kind of training is added to the curriculum to make the students successful in the NNAAP or National Nurse Aide Assessment Program Examination in the state of Washington. The CNA program of Medprep Nursing Assistant Training offers a lot of opportunities to graduates. They provide job assistance and tuition reimbursement programs to those who can find employment after becoming certified as nursing assistants.

A high school diploma or GED equivalent is not necessary to apply for the CNA training program of Medprep. However, all prospective students have to undergo and pass a criminal background check, drug screening, and TB test.

Clark College

Clark College offers a Nursing Assistant certificate program that provides instruction in essential nursing skills, CPR and first aid training, HIV or AIDS, and hands-on clinical training in an affiliated long-term care facility. Upon successful completion of the program, graduates can sit for the Washington Nursing Assistant examination which qualifies them for employment in various healthcare settings.

Clark College has created an excellent reputation for producing competent nursing assistants in the state. Aside from the smaller class size, the school employs licensed expert instructors who have years of experience in the healthcare field. They also have conducive learning environment and modern facilities which students can take advantage while undergoing the program.

Applicants of the CNA certificate program must be at least 18 years old with a high school diploma or GED equivalent. They should also have an explicit criminal background check and provide a proof of two-step TB test and clear chest x-ray result. Students who are selected in the program must attend a mandatory nursing assistant orientation which takes place before the start of the class. Having a total attendance is also important to graduate and receive a certificate.

Clark College offers a reasonable cost of their CNA training. Scholarships and grants are also available to deserving students who struggle financially. These financial assistance programs are available at their Financial Aid Office with corresponding requirements that have to be met.

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