CNA classes in Winston Salem

There is a lot to discover at Winston Salem, North Carolina. One of the most important things to discover is that there is a huge medical industry in this area and it continues to grow yearly. Individuals who aspire to be part of the growing healthcare team can start with a CNA position. Certified Nursing Assistants are highly needed in several facilities like hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and many others. They receive a good pay and competitive employee benefits aside from having an opportunity to undergo an advanced study in nursing. However, before you can become a Certified Nursing Assistant, you have to commit a few weeks of training.

In Winston Salem, a CNA training program should be by the North Carolina Department of Health. The course should have 75 hours of classroom instruction and 16 hours of clinical work experience. Even though CNA schools have different training hours, it should always abide by the standards of North Carolina Department of Health and North Carolina Board of Nursing. CNA training programs should have a combined classroom instruction and hands-on clinical practice which is conducted in an affiliated healthcare facility.

Completing the CNA training program makes one qualified for the certification exam. The examination is divided into two parts which are written and skills assessment portion. The written examination is in multiple choices while the skills assessment portion is to test the skills of the person. Individuals who pass the certification program will then be listed in the North Carolina Nurse Aide Registry.


Free CNA classes are also available in Winston Salem. Due to the increasing need for nursing assistants, several schools and facilities are offering such opportunity to invite more people to consider working in the healthcare field. Apparently, CNA schools are often the best sources of scholarships and grants which can help you pay less or nothing at all. However, these programs are also limited and can be availed at their Financial Aid Office. Some of the scholarships are for academically excellent students, while others are for students with financial struggles. You can check it at the school where you plan to attend a CNA course.

Moreover, healthcare employers in Winston Salem also provide free or paid CNA training. Among these employers are Brenner Children’s Hospital and Forsyth Medical Center. From time to time, they offer a paid CNA training to prospective nursing assistants who wish to become a part of their facility. Once you accept the program, you will be paid every hour until you complete the training. Your wage will also increase as you pass the certification exam and become a CNA in their facility. Every employer providing a paid CNA training has different terms and conditions. You must be able to agree with the contract to be accepted into the program.


Those who want to be a CNA in Winston Salem should enroll in training schools which offer CNA courses in Winston Salem. You can go to the North Carolina Department of Health with regards to the listings of the schools that are accredited and approved. The following are some of the options you could consider enrolling to:

Goodwill Industries

Goodwill Industries offer skills training classes for CNA aspirants who like to work in the healthcare field. The program can be obtained several times a year and is usually offered to individuals who are unemployed and whose income is below the minimum. Interested applicants have to be at least 18 years old, and must provide a high school diploma or GED equivalent. There will be a criminal background check and health screening conducted, and prospective students have to pass it to be considered for enrolment. The Certified Nursing Assistant training program of Goodwill Industries includes a classroom instruction and hands-on clinical practice in an affiliated healthcare facility. All participants will be trained to become competent and prepared healthcare providers. At the end of the program, graduates can sit for the certification exam to become a Certified Nursing Assistant.

Goodwill Industries provides a quality training program to aspiring nursing assistants. All instructors are licensed and well-experienced healthcare professionals who will ensure that graduates are prepared for the certification exam. In addition to that, individuals who passed the licensing test will be assisted in seeking immediate employment in any healthcare facilities. Taking the CNA training program with Goodwill Industries is an excellent privilege to be one of the healthcare professionals in North Carolina. You can check their website for more information about such training, and you can apply right away if you want to become a Certified Nursing Assistant.

Mount Eagle College

Mount Eagle College is a known academic institution that promotes holistic training and quality education. They are known to produce top of the line CNA professionals and provide two portions of CNA programs. They allow you to have both a Hybrid Online CNA program and Traditional in-class CNA program. The flexibility of the Nursing Assistant training programs of Mount Eagle College enables working individuals to complete the program without hassles. Students can choose their preferred class schedules, but they have to make sure that they complete the required number of hours and meet the minimum grade requirements.

CNA I and CNA II are two different programs that lead to a stable employment in the healthcare field. The first CNA program is for those with no experience or healthcare training while the second CNA course is for CNA I graduates who want to learn more extensive nursing procedures. To get into the program, interested students have to be at least 18 years old with a high school diploma or GED equivalent. They should also be free from any criminal conviction and communicable disease to be considered in training.

Mount Eagle College provides excellent CNA training to aspiring nursing assistants. Other than having the best clinical instructors, the school also invests in modern facilities and fully-equipped simulation lab. Nevertheless, students also receive an individualized attention which helps them to seek support whenever they need it. Scholarships and grants are also available in the college for those who cannot cover the tuition cost of the CNA training program.

Forsythe Tech

The Forsythe Tech is approved by the North Carolina Department of Health to offer a CNA training program for qualified applicants. The program features a combined classroom instruction and hands-on clinical practice. Students start with a theoretical learning in a classroom wherein they go through various lectures, video presentation, and skills demonstration about several nursing concepts. The student to instructor ratio is small, and participants receive an individualized training to make them successful in the certification exam and potential employment. Aside from that, the school has a fully-equipped facility and simulation lab wherein students can take advantage of these resources and use it for skills practice. They are also exposed in an affiliated healthcare facility during the clinical aspect of the CNA program which gives the students an opportunity to experience caring for patients under the supervision of a licensed instructor.

Forsythe Tech offers a CNA training program several times a year with admission process that usually starts after training ends. Individuals who are interested in becoming a nursing assistant should be at least 18 years old with a high school diploma or GED equivalent. Applicants are also required to pass a criminal background check, drug screening, and two-step TB test. Those who failed to meet these requirements will not be qualified to undergo the CNA training program. Moreover, Forsythe Tech also provides tuition assistance programs to students who excel academically and those who are included in the below income families in the state. These opportunities are available in their Financial Aid Office.

Davidson County Community College

Davidson County Community College offers a Nursing Assistant training program which is an extensive state-approved course that combines classroom instruction and supervised clinical experience. Students in the program will understand more about the profession as they are taught several concepts necessary in providing direct patient care. The program highlights infection control, fundamentals of nursing, emergency procedures, the art of caregiving, medical terminologies, nutrition, anatomy and physiology, and many others. Participants will also spend hours of clinical training in a local healthcare facility with supervision from a licensed instructor who is a Registered Nurse. Overall, the Nursing Assistant training lasts for 14 weeks, depending on the college calendar or holidays. It has 116 hours of classroom instruction and lab training and 42 hours of hands-on clinical practice.

Davidson County Community College provides a quality training program for those who wished to start a career in nursing. Aside from the small class size and individualized training, instructors have all licensed professionals with years of experience in the healthcare field. Review classes are even available to graduates who are about to take the certification exam. To gain admission in the program, interested students have to make sure that they are 17 years old with a high school diploma or GED equivalent. They should also pass the program criteria and health screening of the college. The program costs around $381 which includes the registration fee, technology fee, DVD series, accident and liability insurance, and CPR certification card. This amount also covers the costs of the kit, student packet, CPR mas, and state examination fee. Scholarship or grant can be obtained, but it also depends on the availability of funds and number of qualified applicants.

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