CNA Classes in Wisconsin

Residents of Wisconsin who are aspiring for a career in nursing can achieve this by enrolling at any of the different CNA schools in Wisconsin. CNAs can work in health care facilities around the state and are employed in different positions. The average Wisconsin CNA program lasts for 4 to 6 weeks depending on the school and schedule. Candidates may, however, choose to enroll at CNA schools in Wisconsin offering accelerated programs. These can be completed in less time.

CNA Training in Wisconsin: Educational Requirements

In other to be eligible for admission at Wisconsin CNA classes, people will need to meet the basic state requirements. This include being in possession of a high school diploma (or an equivalent), fair proficiency in English and being at least 18. A criminal background check and physical test may also be conducted. Wisconsin CNA training programs are offered by some of the largest technical colleges in the state.

Accredited CNA Training Programs

Madison Area Technical College

Students can meet the requirements for the Wisconsin CNA certification by successfully completing the college’s Nursing Assistant technical diploma in Madison Area Technical College. The Nursing Assistant technical diploma is a 120hr program made up of courses that are designed to improve a student’s knowledge of nursing as well as their clinical nursing skills.

The Madison Area Technical College has five campuses and a student population exceeding 17,000.

Milwaukee Area Technical College

The Milwaukee Area Technical College offers an 8-week Nursing Assistant Technical diploma program. The program focuses on teaching the basic skills and concepts needed to become an assistant. This includes a course on ethics and patients care. Students also spend part of the program on supervised clinical training, designed to improve their application of what they learn. The Milwaukee Area Technical college has four campuses and offers full time and part time courses.

During a Wisconsin training program, students cover topics such as:

  • Emergency response
  • Understanding a patient’s right
  • Caring for the Mentally challenged
  • Fire training
  • Infection Control
  • HIPP

CNA Certification Test

Students who successfully complete the training program offered at CNA schools in Wisconsin will be eligible to write the CNA certification exam. The exam is made up of two parts designed to test the student’s written and manual skill. Students are allowed to retake the exam three times. If they fail to pass these trials, they will be required to enroll at any of the CNA training programs in Wisconsin.

Job Prospects for CNAs in Wisconsin

Wisconsin is home to over 37,000 nursing aides. The state is ranked 12th in the country based on its CNA population and 21st based on the salary range. The average annual income for certified nursing assistants in the state is $25, 600 with a salary range of $19,700 to $33,300. Close to 3% of the CNAs within the country are employed in Wisconsin. This percentage is expected to grow even further over the next decade thanks to the improvement in modern healthcare equipment for the elderly.

Certificate Reciprocity and Renewal

CNA certifications are expected to be renewed every two years. Nursing aides are expected to have spent a minimum of 8 working hours during this period. Individuals who complete their training in other institutions beyond CNA schools in Wisconsin may be able to transfer their certifications to the state, provided it meets the state’s requirement. Applicants will also be required to submit to a criminal background check for security reasons.

With 72 counties, Wisconsin is the 20th most populated state in America. Combined with an ever increasing elderly demographic, the demand for qualified CNAs in Wisconsin has never been greater. The entry-level salary of Milwaukee Certified Nursing Assistants is approximately $24,000 a year. However, with work experience and depending on whether you work in a larger hospital, earnings can reach upwards of $29,000 annually. To start your journey, read on below to discover more information on CNA classes in Wisconsin state.

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