CNA classes in West Virginia

Some of us aspire and dream of becoming the best doctors and nurses while others have different dreams. No matter what, we should strive to achieve our goals by staying focused and working hard.

West Virginia has one of the longest course hour requirements in the nation when it comes to CNA training. In this state, the student must complete at least 120 hours of instruction. Sixty hours are in a classroom setting and the other sixty will be completed in a manual skills course. This state does not recognize any Internet based training course as valid. Any applicant to a training program that has been hired by a facility or has a written offer employment may receive their CNA training without a fee.

West Virginia CNA Training Requirements

During training, the student will learn infection control, blood borne illness prevention, emergency preparedness, some psychology, and the manual skills needed to provide day-to-day care for patients. At the end of this training, the student will need to prepare for the state’s final examination by compiling all of the needed items: identification, social security card, photo, and possibly a criminal background check release. Fingerprints are required for all applicants from another state.

The test has two sections, as all tests in the US. One section is a written, multiple-choice exam with 72 questions and a manual skills evaluation. The student must pass both sections to gain certification. In the manual skills evaluation, the student will perform five skills they have learned during the training course. The skills must be demonstrated in a way that shows the professionalism of the student, preserves the dignity of the patient, and also the good hygiene of the student. The person that the student demonstrates their skills on will be either a student that has already passed the exam earlier in the testing or an actor.

West Virginia CNA Certification Reciprocity

The reciprocity process in West Virginia requires an application to the state’s nursing board. The aide that is transferring to the state needs to provide proof of certification through a program that meets or exceeds the requirements set forth by West Virginia. A background check for criminal activity or charges will be conducted and the aide may also need to provide fingerprints.

West Virginia CNA Certification Renewal

Re-certification or renewal is due every two years. The aide that is renewing should fill out all paperwork in full and will need to provide they have worked a minimum number of hours in the preceding twenty-four months before their renewal will be issued. An aide that allows their certificate to lapse will need to retake the training course and the state’s final examination before they will be able to work in a facility as a CNA again.

In West Virginia, they are lucky to have the best institutions and places where CNA classes are offered. All the programs in these institutions are very effective and benefit all the aspiring nurses and doctors. CNA classes in WV have really helped and aided the people of this state because they have reached out and achieved ambitions. The following are some of the places to consider;

Logan Park Care Centre

This is one of the most incredible institutions that provide CNA classes at affordable rates.  Even though the average rate of these nursing programs is about 1000 dollars, one should not worry about that. There are scholarships and grants offered by the colleges and other providers in the West Virginia state. There are many different courses and programs offered in this institution costing varying rates. Basically, the curriculum followed in this institution consists of 120 hours of class work and clinical sessions. The experience gained by attending the lab sessions enables the students to have an easy time when they go to the field. The students have to sit for the state exam after completing the program. To get or to be issued with a certificate, one has to pass the exams. Logan Park Care Center also links up its students with the employers who are looking for CNAs. Having such an institution offering CNA classes in WV is really a great deal since many people benefit a lot and gain experience thus making it easier for them to get employed. In case one wants to know more and get other details, click here.

Mercer County Technical Center

CNA classes offered in Mercer County Technical Center are very affordable. With the different kinds of nursing programs offered, they all have varying costs. Most of the colleges in West Virginia offer the same kind of curriculum where 120 hours of course work and also the clinical sessions. All the training offered in these places comprises of physical care, medicine prescription and the passing of exams. All the students have to sit for the state exams and they have to pass if they want to be employed in different places such as hospitals. Visit here and learn more about the curriculum. Many people have benefited from the CNA classes in WV because they have achieved all what they ever wanted to do or become.

Special Touch Training Centre

This is another institution where CNA classes in WV are provided. Another thing about this institution is that it links the students with employers. All the training provided is mainly based towards making the nurse or doctor achieve effective results when in the fields. All the class work and field work sessions should end up to 120 hours and after that, the student must sit for a state examination.  For more information about the curriculum and the fee structure click here