CNA classes in Yuba City

Yuba City, California is a promising land for healthcare professionals. With the increasing demand for nurses, LPNs, and CNAs, this city is guaranteed to provide a stable job for those wanting to work in hospitals, nursing homes, and other facilities.

If you are interested in starting a healthcare career, becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) is the best pathway to take. The program usually runs for a couple of weeks, and once you graduate, you will be qualified for the certification exam. The certification as a nursing assistant will land you to several jobs and opportunities. In fact, there are a lot of vacancies for CNAs in the city, and this demand will continue to grow over the years. So if you do not want to miss this chance, you have to seek for a CNA training program and complete it as soon as possible.

In Yuba City, the California Department of Public Health has set a minimum of 96 hours of lecture and 75 hours of hands-on training for all CNA programs. The lecture comprises of elimination, end of life care, exercise and activity, vital signs, personal care procedures, safety and infection control, interpersonal and communication relationships and providing the right care to the individual who needs it the most. This also includes a clinical practice in a local healthcare facility with supervision from a licensed instructor.

Completing the CNA training allows graduates to sit for the certification which is prepared by the California Department of Public Health. Passers of the licensing test will then be listed in the CNA registry and can practice their profession right away. Certified Nursing Assistants have several duties and responsibilities in any healthcare facility. Although they also work alongside with other healthcare professionals, they are compensated well by most employers.


Free CNA classes in Yuba City are available for individuals who cannot manage to study a Certified Nursing Assistant training program because of a financial constraint. Fortunately, there are several schools offering scholarships, loans, and grants for people wanting to start a career in the healthcare field. These tuition assistance programs are available in most school’s Financial Aid Office and are given to qualified students only.

Moreover, if you cannot seek for a free CNA class in nursing schools, you can check the California Department of Public Health for details of organizations that offer scholarship and other kinds of tuition assistance programs. Some employers in Yuba City like Fremont Rideout Home HealthSutter North Home Health, and Yuba City Care Center are also having paid CNA training to their prospective nursing assistants.

Individuals who wish to apply should submit an application as soon as possible and must meet the program criteria. Most of the time, employers provide a paid CNA training to applicants who are 18 years old and above, with a clean criminal background check, drug screening, and TB testing. Selected participants will be paid hourly, and this will increase as soon as the certification exam is passed. The paid CNA class of healthcare employers are an excellent venue to receive an immediate employment. However, it is still best to understand the contract and weigh-in the options available.


Getting employed starts with getting the right education and training. The better way to do it is enrolling in CNA courses in Yuba City. This is the right thing to do when you decide to become a CNA practitioner someday. The following are some approved and credited schools which are listed in the California Department of Public Health:

Sutler County One Stop

Sutler County One Stop is a reliable institution that is committed to helping people develop adequate knowledge and skills to pursue a career in the healthcare sector. They have a Certified Nursing Assistant training course which combines classroom instruction and hands-on clinical practice. This program leads to an entry-level work in any healthcare facilities. Thus, it is often a perfect pathway for those who wish to work right away.

The CNA training program is a short and rigorous course that allows students to take the certification exam. It covers several nursing concepts and skills like anatomy and physiology, infection control, nutrition, fundamentals of nursing, emergency procedures, communication skills, interpersonal skills, the art of caregiving, and many others. It also includes a skills training in a simulation lab wherein students know how to take vital signs, assist in the activities of daily living, and provide quality care to patients. In addition to that, participants in the CNA training program will be exposed in a clinical facility with supervision from a licensed instructor.

Individuals who like to study a CNA course in Sutler County One Stop have to be at least 18 years old with a high school diploma or GED equivalent. They also have to undergo a criminal background check and pass the TB test and drug screening. There are only a few students accepted in the program that is why interested applicants have to reserve a seat as early as possible. Scholarships and grants can also be obtained at their Financial Aid Office.

Sutler County Adult Education

Sutler County Adult Education offers a Nurse Assistant training program that qualifies the graduates for the California State Certification Exam. The program is designed to make the students competent healthcare providers. The Nursing Assistant training starts with a classroom instruction and laboratory training and ends with a hands-on clinical practicum. Students will learn communication skills, nursing procedures, and patient care, with an emphasis on caring geriatric residents in a long-term care facility. The program also integrates interpersonal skills, safety and technology, preparation standards, and problem-solving. After completing the entire course, graduates can take the certification exam and will be listed in the CNA registry after passing it.

Sutler County Adult Education offers a small class size for their CNA training. Individuals who want to get into this healthcare course should be at least 18 years old with a high school diploma or GED equivalent and a complete immunization record. They also have to go through a criminal background check and appropriate health screening as part of the training requirements. The Nursing Assistant training program of Sutler County Adult Education is offered several times in a year. Students can seek for scholarships and grants to avail it for free. The institution has special privileges to adult individuals who undergo the CNA training. As long as they meet the requirements and program criteria, they can take the course without having to worry about paying the tuition and other related expenses.

American Red Cross

The American Red Cross in California has CNA classes now and then. The program helps the students understand the profession and gain adequate knowledge, skills, and experience in preparation for the certification exam. It runs for several weeks and requires every participant to avoid making absences and tardiness. Some of the topics and skills discussed in the program are the art of caregiving, infection control, anatomy and physiology, the importance of nutrition, fundamentals in nursing, medical terminologies, communication and interpersonal skills, taking vital signs, emergency procedures, activities of daily living, and many more. After the classroom instruction and laboratory training, students are then exposed in a clinical setting with supervision from a licensed instructor. The guided clinical practicum will allow every participant to experience working directly with patients and other members of the healthcare team.

The American Red Cross has a limited class size in their CNA training. The low student to teacher ratio provides an individualized instruction which ensures the participant’s learning and preparedness for the licensing test. Moreover, admission to this healthcare course is also competitive. Applicants to the program have to be at least 18 years old, with a high school diploma or GED equivalent. They also have to undergo and pass the criminal background check, TB testing, and drug screening performed by the Red Cross.

There are scholarships and grants available in this institution but are often limited. Students who want to study for a free CNA class can visit their Financial Aid Office and inquire about the availability of tuition assistance programs.

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