CNA Classes in Oregon

Due to the increasing demand for healthcare professionals, Oregon has been included in the list of places needing several Certified Nursing Assistants. This entails huge job opportunities to people who are seeking a stable career or who simply want another career path. Becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant is relatively easy and rewarding. In fact, a person can be a nursing assistant in less than a year through the CNA programs in Oregon. These training programs will equip him/her from the certification exam until the real healthcare set-up. If you are interested in this career, grab the chance to undergo a training program and become a CNA in just a short period of time.

Online CNA programs in Oregon

Online CNA programs in Oregon are usually offered at CNA schools providing a campus based training program. Just make sure that the online training passes the requirements of Oregon State Board of Nursing because you will not be allowed to take the certification exam if it is not approved and accredited. Furthermore, the Oregon State Board of Nursing requires a minimum of 150 CNA hours with 51 hours of classroom instruction, 24 hours of lab instruction and 75 hours of supervised clinical instruction.

CNA programs in Oregon are offered in colleges, vocational schools, high schools, nursing homes as well as related facilities. The online training program will teach you several nursing topics and skills necessary for CNA jobs in Oregon. It will also prepare you for the competency evaluation exam which will be the basis for your certification as a nursing assistant.

Free CNA programs in Oregon

Free CNA programs in Oregon can be availed through different means. The federal law actually mandates that a CNA who has an employment offer before the start of the training program will not be charged for the CNA training, course materials, and testing. The nursing facility offering employment should accept Medicare or Medicaid reimbursement.

On the other hand, if a CNA has completed the certification and is being offered a job by a nursing facility accepting Medicare or Medicaid reimbursement, he/she will also be entitled to reimbursement of the training, testing and course related fees. This should be done within 12 months after the completion of CNA program and certification.

Accredited CNA programs in Oregon

It is good to know that the starting annual salary of a CNA in Oregon is $21,000 and it will potentially reach to $26,000 or more. Before you attain this amount of income, you have to invest first on accredited CNA programs in Oregon which will cost around $1,000, more or less.  Few options of CNA schools accredited by the Oregon State Board of Nursing are;

As soon as you finish the CNA programs in Oregon, you will be required to pass the certification exam. Requirements for the certification exam can be found on the website of Oregon State Board of Nursing.




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