CNA Classes in Boston

There are a lot of opportunities when you take CNA training in Boston. Several healthcare facilities are actually looking for nursing assistants and this demand continues to grow every year. If you seek for a stable career, becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant is a good option. Nursing Assistants in Boston receives an annual salary of $33,000 which is 15% higher than the national average salary. It can even go higher as more skills are acquired and advanced studies are taken. Hence, working in this field is definitely worthwhile and rewarding.

CNA classes in Boston

CNA classes in Boston should be done in state-approved colleges, vocational schools or healthcare facilities. This should consist of classroom lectures as well as clinical rotations in order to learn the basic nursing skills and practice it in a real setting. Before you undergo the training program, you have to pass the tuberculosis screening and take the required shots of vaccinations. Some institutions even require CPR certification prior to the program. Once you completed and passed the requirements, you can now take the CNA classes which usually last for eight weeks.

Since CNA training in Boston should adhere to the federal standards, the curriculum pattern is quite similar to fully trained nurses. The U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics requires potential nursing assistants to enhance their skills with compassion and patience. The standard curriculum should cover topics on patient safety, reporting, patient rights, medical terminologies, human anatomy, work ethics, basic nursing skills and patient assessments.

CNA Training in Boston by Red Cross

For people searching a CNA training by Boston Red Cross, it is important to note that the necessary information can be obtained from the American Red Cross of Eastern Massachusetts. This institution remains to be the primary source of CNA training which is usually completed in four weeks for day classes and eight weeks for evening classes. The total training hours is 100 and students can be eligible for the Nurse Aide State Examination once completed.

Other than the American Red Cross, the Bunker Hill Community College, as well as the Catholic Charities Archdiocese of Boston, can be a source of CNA training. Simply visit their offices for more information.

Free CNA training Boston MA

Free CNA training is not commonly offered in Boston but it can be availed in some healthcare institutions that need several nursing assistants. There will be a screening process for this and students who passed can avail the training program for free. However, they are obliged to serve the institution for a couple of months or years after getting certified as this will be in exchange to the free program availed.

In terms of certification, it can only be obtained once the Nurse Aide State Examination is passed. The Massachusetts Executive Office of Health and Human Services regulates all CNA activities including the administration of the exam. The exam is consist of two parts; the written and skills portion. Both of these parts should be passed in order to be certified and become an eligible healthcare professional.

CNA training in Boston is not difficult as long as you dedicate a full commitment to the program. If you get certified, you will have to keep your license active by renewing it every two years. Contact the Massachusetts Executive Office of Health and Human Services for more information and keep updated on the latest activities of nursing assistants.



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