CNA Classes in Jacksonville FL

The healthcare field is one of the fast-growing industries as of the moment. However, a lot of people do not embark this career because of the expenses and amount of time needed to earn a degree. The good thing in becoming a CNA is it does not cost a lot. In fact, this takes only a few months to complete. Once you get certified, you can start working immediately. You simply have to take the CNA training in Jacksonville Florida in order to start the process of becoming a nursing assistant.

In Florida, becoming a Certified Nursing Aide (CNA) takes training and the desire to help patients in a number of ways throughout a typical day, and CNA classes in Jacksonville can prepare students for a successful career. While training can give students the knowledge required to pass the mandatory state-administered exam, CNAs must exhibit attention to detail, compassion for others, and astute observational skills in order to properly care for patients and be able to complete the more than 20 required clinical skills.

CNA Classes in Jacksonville FL

The CNA training in Jacksonville costs around $300 to $1,200. However, if you are a little concerned with the fee, there are several institutions offering affordable CNA training in Jacksonville FL. You can check the institution individually and compare the rates for the CNA training. You must take note that the state of Florida requires a minimum of 100 hours training in order to qualify for the certification process.

Here are few of the schools in Florida offering low-cost CNA training in Jacksonville Florida:

Florida Coast Career Tech (North Campus)

One of the best CNA schools in Jacksonville is Florida Coast Career Tech , a division of Florida State College at Jacksonville. FCCT is an affordable way to earn college-level training in a variety of fields. The CNA program features 40 hours of clinical rotation in a medical facility setting, with 165 contact hours and 5.5 workforce credits included in the course as well.

This campus is located in 4501 Capper Road, Jacksonville, Florida. It offers CNA program that meets the standards of the federal government. The program is consist of 165 hours; 40 hours on clinical experience.

Florida Medical Prep

Located in North Pinellas Park, the Florida Medical Prep offers 1 to 2 weeks CNA classes on daytime, evening as well as weekend schedules. The cost of the training program is $279 including books.

Santa Fe Community College

The CNA program offered in Santa Fe Community College covers 165 training hours, both classroom lectures as well as clinical instructions. The cost of the program is $945 inclusive of textbooks and supplies.

STS CNA Training Center

STS CNA Training Center offers a variety of medical profession courses, including a CNA exam prep and a CNA training class. The Center’s training course is a five-week class with a 40-hour externship at a local nursing home. CNA exam prep can be completed in three weeks during a morning/afternoon or evening schedule, meeting four days a week. With a 95 percent pass-rate on the state exam, the Center is confidant in the curriculum provided to students. In fact, the Center guarantees that students who attend every class will pass or they can take a free practice session.

Cambridge C-N-A Centers, Inc.

Another one-week training program takes preparation to a new level by giving every student the opportunity to practice each of the 22 clinical skills taught through a hands-on technique. At Cambridge C-N-A Centers, Inc., the tuition of $395 includes a set of scrubs, as well as textbooks and at-home study materials. Classes are available in the morning, afternoon, evening, and weekends, providing the most convenience for students’ schedules.

Perfect CNA training Jacksonville FL (Florida Training Academy)

Florida Training Academy is one of the eligible institutions in Florida that offers CNA training program at a low cost and shortest period of time. The CNA preparatory course has helped several aspiring CNA’s to pass the Florida certification examination. They provide the hands-on tutorial on different nursing skills needed to become a Certified Nursing Assistant. Perfect CNA Training Academy is now called Florida Training Academy. The medical instructors of this training institution have a wide experience on the field. Thus, you are assured that quality training is obtained at an affordable price.

CNA training in Jacksonville can take place in several types of settings. Perfect C.N.A. Training Academy, owned and operated by medical professionals, offers a four-day training or one-day refresher session. The exam prep course costs $300 to participate in the weekend, day, or evening time slots. The academy boasts that 97 percent of the students who completed their prep course passed the clinical and written parts of the exam during their first attempt.

For students who need a refresher, the Academy holds a C.N.A. Boot Camp that lasts one day. The Boot Camp only covers the skills portion of the exam (students must prepare for the written portion on their own), but during the eight-hour day, students will be provided with all they need to know clinically to prepare for the exam.

CNA Certification  in Jacksonville FL

As of now, in Florida, anyone can “challenge” the state exam, which means they did not complete a state-approved 120-hour training course but are able to take the exam with those students who did complete CNA training in Jacksonville. Every student must pass the exam within three attempts or they will be required to repeat training. The state law is in the process of changing, and as early as 2013, CNAs may be required to take formal, college-level training to sit for the state exam.

In order to obtain the CNA certification in Jacksonville FL, you have to meet the course requirements. As soon as you completed the training program, you can take the state certification exam administered by Prometric. The Nurse Aide Assessment Program examination should be taken within 2 years after completing the training program. Prior to employment and certification exam, CNA’s should undergo a background check. Any criminal violation in the past will disqualify an applicant to take the exam and get the certification. The Florida State Department of Health regulates all the licenses of Certified Nursing Assistants so any concerns related to certification should be addressed to them.

CNA Job Expectations

A Certified Nursing Aide’s daily duties can vary depending on the work environment, but the expectation for the workers are very similar. CNAs are employed by assisted-living facilities, hospitals, and other healthcare institutions, so they must be able to work well with patients and other medical personnel. A CNA typically answers to a Registered Nurse (RN), and their daily duties can include checking a patient’s vital signs; helping a patient move or relocate; maintaining reports and patient records; grooming a patient and providing assistance with personal hygiene; and monitoring a patient’s nutrition. CNAs must be able to lift patients in and out of wheelchairs, empty bedpans, and assist with dressing and undressing. Individuals who are able to perform these duties should consider taking CNA classes in Jacksonville.

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