CNA Classes in Raleigh NC

Even though the recession has brought the economy down, several job opportunities are being offered in the healthcare field. Certified Nursing Assistants are highly in-demand as nursing homes, hospitals and long-term care facilities are understaffed. This course takes few months only and one can work right away as long as he/she passes the certification exam. Hence, if you live in Raleigh, North Carolina, find a CNA training Raleigh NC in order to be qualified for the certification exam. Becoming a CNA does not only provide a stable career but it is also rewarding. CNA’s in North Carolina receives an annual salary of $23,000 and it goes higher as more skills are acquired.

CNA training classes in Raleigh NC

Certified Nursing Assistants work together with physicians, nurses, and licensed practical nurses. They need to be skillful because they are the primary healthcare professional to care for the patients. With that, CNA training classes in Raleigh is composed of classroom lectures and hands-on training in order to make the student more equipped for the profession. The CNA training in North Carolina has no definite number of hours to complete. The most important thing you need to do is to finish the program and pass the certification exam.

Skills learned during the CNA training are lifting, transferring and feeding of patients, the familiarity of medical terminologies, vital signs taking, therapeutic communication, patient assessment, ways of handling patients with the mental condition, medical equipment usage, and many others.

CNA schools in Raleigh North Carolina

CNA schools in Raleigh North Carolina should be approved by the State Department of Health and Human Services. There are a number of schools and healthcare institutions offering state-approved training for nursing assistants. The fees and duration of the training depend on the facility so check it out prior to enrollment. Some of the schools in Raleigh North Carolina are;

Wake Technical Community College

Several credits, as well as non-credit courses, are being offered at Wake Technical Community College. Although they are stringent on the admission requirements, the school offers the best CNA classes for 2-year Associate Degree in NCA or 12-week short-term course.

Health Core Resource School

CNA classes in Health Core Resource School is composed of 120 training hours of classroom lectures and clinical exposure. The good thing with Health Core Resource School is you will be caring for real patients. This is a great opportunity to practice the skills in a real setting with real patients.

Care One Health Training Institute

Care One Health Training Institute offers 190 hours of CNA classes to students. Aside from this, the training program is affordable and flexible. You can still take the training program without compromising your working schedules and other responsibilities.

Free CNA training in Raleigh NC

CNA training usually costs around $500 to $1,000 depending on the program duration. However, you can also avail free CNA training Raleigh NC in case you cannot afford the program. The primary source of free CNA training is the American Red Cross North Carolina Chapter. Although this non-profit organization usually has a fee for their CNA training, availing grants and scholarships are possible.

Community organizations and programs offer free CNA training that needs to be completed through American Red Cross. So if you are fortunate enough to avail this grant, you can get the best training program approved by the federal government.

Most healthcare facilities do not offer free CNA training but there are instances wherein you will be reimbursed for the fees as soon as you get employed. Blue Ridge Health Care Center in Raleigh NC pays the training expenses of accepted applicants.


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