Feeding the Patient

Upon entering the room, politely greet the room’s occupant. Set the tray down and head to the bathroom to wash your hands before handling any food (you do not have to be wearing gloves). Also, make sure the curtain is closed and that the wheelchair is locked. Next, place the clothing protector on the patient. (It is not called a bib for political correctness.)

Explain what you are going to do and describe what is in the meal you will be feeding them. The drinks and contained food items then need to be opened up. Cut any food that needs to be into bite-sized pieces. Finally, you may start feeding the patient, but remember to sit down with them and do so at eye level. Make sure to alternate feeding the solids and the liquids. You are finished when either the food is all gone, or the patient is full.

After feeding, provide a washcloth so that they may wash their hands. Use the food protector to pat the face and then remove it from bottom to top. Politely inquire whether the patient needs anything else and make sure they have their call light before saying goodbye. Leave the room with the tray and food protector, and close the curtain. The tray will need to go back on the food cart, and the protector needs to go to soiled linens.