Free CNA classes in DC

Becoming a CNA has never been difficult in the District of Columbia. In fact, if you cannot afford the training program, you can avail free CNA classes in DC. These paid classes are made to increase the number of healthcare professionals in the state considering that the baby boomer generation is aging. The benefit of becoming a CNA is you can get certified in a short period plus you will enjoy flexible working hours as well as health and dental benefits. This profession also can be your stepping stone towards a great career in the medical field. Hence, if you are looking forward to a personal and professional growth with reasonable compensation, becoming a CNA is a good option.

To become a certified nurse assistant or aide in Washington, DC the person must be able to comprehend the English language at a fourth-grade level. The nurse assistant shall be provided information on the policies governing admission, retention, dismissal, and the course requirements of the nurse aide-training program in writing and each person must be free of communicable disease as verified in writing by a licensed physician.


The Department of Health-Health Care Facilities Division regulates all CNA classes in District of Columbia. To become a certified nursing assistant, it is essential to enroll in a state-approved facility and pass the certification exam called as the National Nursing Assistant Assessment Program examination. This is conducted by the state Board of Nursing itself. Take into account that the District of Columbia does not recognize any online CNA classes, and the state requires a minimum of 120 training hours before certification exam.

With the 120 hours of training, 45 hours should be allocated to classroom lectures, 45 hours of clinical practice and 30 hours of laboratory coursework. During the classroom lectures, students should learn the necessary nursing skills, personal care, interpersonal skills, resident’s rights, safety measures, infection control, promoting patient independence, dementias education, and many others.

The training program shall prepare each nurse aide to communicate and interact with residents, families, and other members of the health team. It also allows them to demonstrate sensitivity to resident’s emotional, social, and mental health needs; assist residents with self-care deficits while promoting functional independence; help to ensure and protect the resident’s rights; and observe report, and document the conditions and changes relating to the residents’ physical and psycho-social well-being.


There are several CNA schools in DC as of the moment. Before you enroll to any of these institutions, you have to consider the costs as well as the number of training hours. This should meet the standards set by the federal government so that you will be qualified for the certification exam. In case you are currently employed, there are night time classes that you can take.

Free CNA classes in DC is also available but this is quite scarce so you can look for low-cost programs if you are out of the budget. Among the CNA training schools in District of Columbia are Bethel Training InstituteCapitol Health InstituteComprehensive Health Academy, and University of the District of Columbia. Once you finish the entire program, you can now take the certification exam given by the state.

Bethel Training Institute

Bethel Training Institute has a state-approved CNA training program that runs for six weeks. The course is designed to prepare for the state certification exam and future employment in various medical settings. The six-week program provides sufficient time for aspiring healthcare professionals to acquire adequate knowledge and skills required to perform the essential tasks for their job. Classes are available in the morning and evening so students can juggle other priorities while attending the course at their preferred time. However, absences are not allowed because of its short duration and rigorous training.

The CNA training program of Bethel Training Institute allows high school graduates and unemployed individuals to build their career in the healthcare field. The integration of classroom instruction and hands-on clinical practice enable the participants to have a deeper understanding of the profession and the skills necessary to provide high-quality services to patients or residents in a long-term care setting.

Only a few students are accepted per program and applicants must be 18 years old to be considered. A high school diploma or GED equivalent is also required, as well as two current valid ID’s, medical clearance, completed enrolment agreement form, completed General Assessment of Instructional Needs (GAIN) entrance exam, and a face to face interview with an admission coordinator.

Individuals who are accepted into the program will be trained by the best clinical instructors who have years of experience in caring the old and the sick patients. They will also have the opportunity to be exposed in state of the art facilities to enhance their skills and ensure that they are fully-equipped for the state certification exam.

HealthWrite Training Academy

HealthWrite Training Academy is offering a Certified Nursing Assistant training program that allows the students to work in various healthcare settings upon passing the certification exam. The course runs for a couple of weeks, and participants are encouraged to be committed to attending the classes. The CNA training program combines both classroom instruction and hands-on clinical practice. The classroom instruction includes various topics like anatomy and physiology, fundamentals of nursing, nutrition, infection control, activities of daily living, medical terminologies, and many others. Once the lectures are made, students pursue a hands-on clinical practice in a skilled nursing facility under the direct supervision of a licensed CNA instructor.

Individuals who want to take the CNA training program must have a high school diploma or equivalent, with a clean criminal background check and negative TB testing and drug screening results. Students who gain an admission in this healthcare course will be trained by the school’s highly-skilled instructors. They can also have access to their state of the art facilities and simulation lab to develop their skills and prepare them for the state certification exam.

HealthWrite Training Academy also provides financial assistance programs to students who cannot pay the entire cost of the CNA training. Scholarships, loans, and grants are available to ease the financial burden of those who struggle to fund the program. Enrolled students can also pay the tuition in installment basis as the academy also provides a payment plan.

VMT Education Center

VMT Education Center is a provider of a state-approved CNA training program in the District of Columbia. Individuals who want to work in the healthcare field as a Certified Nursing Assistant can apply and undergo the training program. Students will not only learn the nursing concepts but they will also be equipped with skills such as taking vital signs, use of proper body mechanics, transporting patients, assisting in activities of daily living, therapeutic communication, and many others. Once they complete the program and pass all the exams and clinical training, they will then be able to sit for the state certification exam and start a career in hospitals, nursing homes, and other healthcare facilities.

The CNA training program of VMT Education Center has a small class size and provides a hands-on training in both simulation lab and skilled nursing facility. Students can also choose their preferred schedule, whether they take the classes during the day or evening. Onsite CPR training is also provided and job placement assistance is available to individuals who passed the certification exam. Moreover, the training is offered every month with a tuition cost of $950.

Prospective applicants of the CNA training must have a high school diploma or GED equivalent to apply. They also need to pass the criminal background investigation, drug screening, and TB testing. Individuals who are not accepted in the program can apply after four weeks. They can submit their application beforehand so their application will be reviewed and screened.

Total Healthcare Innovations

Total Healthcare Innovations is offering a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) training program which is designed to provide the students adequate knowledge and skills needed to perform safe and effective care to clients in a healthcare facility. The curriculum combines classroom instruction and hands-on clinical practice to prepare the students for the certification exam. The first part of the program involves theoretical learning covering various nursing topics such as anatomy and physiology, nutrition, infection control, fundamentals of nursing, and many others. This is then followed by skills training in the school’s state of the art simulation lab wherein students will be able to practice the necessary skills of a CNA. During the last part of the training, these participants will be exposed in a clinical setting with supervision from a licensed nurse.

Undergoing the CNA training program of Total Healthcare Innovations is an excellent choice to earn the best quality of training needed to succeed in the healthcare field. The instructors are all reliable, dependable, and board-certified Registered Nurses who will supervise you all throughout the CNA class. Classrooms and simulation laboratory is fully-equipped with state of the art equipment and modern teaching aids, while students receive a one-on-one attention to facilitate learning and ensure their preparedness for the exam and future employment.

Individuals who are interested in taking the CNA training program at Total Healthcare Innovations should have a high school diploma or equivalent and must pass the health examination to be considered. Only a few students are admitted per program that is why interested applicants have to apply before the deadline closes.

Allied Health & Technology Institute

The CNA training program of Allied Health & Technology Institute is a 120-hour healthcare course that includes classroom instruction and clinical training. Individuals who are interested in a career as a CNA must complete the required number of hours and pass the state certification exam to be able to work in various medical settings like hospitals, nursing homes, and long-term care facilities. Allied Health & Technology Institute provides a rigorous training for aspiring nursing assistants. The classroom instruction covers several nursing topics such as anatomy and physiology, infection control, fundamentals of nursing, medical terminologies, and many others. On the other hand, the clinical practice of the CNA training program is made with supervision from a Registered Nurse who is a recognized CNA instructor in the District of Columbia.

Applicants of the CNA training must submit a high school diploma or equivalent, along with their complete immunization record, and results on drug screening and TB test. They also need to pass the face to face interview with an enrolment administrator. Selected students who passed the screening process are invited to undergo the short healthcare course and will have to make a commitment of attending the classes without absences. Nevertheless, financial assistance programs are available in Allied Health & Technology Institute. Students who are under a scholarship or a Workforce Investment Act voucher can visit the Financial Aid office. Having these opportunities will lessen the cost of the CNA training and will allow financially challenged students to finish the course without paying a lot.

Global Health College

Global Health College has a Nurse Aide (NA) program that prepares the students to become a competent and knowledgeable healthcare providers in the District of Columbia. The program runs for 120 hours, which is divided into 80 hours of instructional lectures and 40 hours of hands-on clinical practice. Students are expected to complete the course without absences to receive a certificate of completion and become qualified to sit for the state certification exam. They will be able to learn the essential knowledge and skills that every nursing assistant must have. Once they become certified, these individuals can find employment in nursing homes, hospitals, assisted living facilities, and many others.

Global Health College provides high-quality CNA training to prospective nursing assistants. Aside from having a small class size and personalized instruction, the school also employs several clinical instructors who have years of experience in the healthcare field. Every student in the CNA training program can approach their instructors and seek for assistance to have an in-depth understanding of the profession. They will be carefully supervised during the hands-on clinical training so that students can provide safe and effective nursing services to patients or residents.

Individuals who want to gain admission to the CNA training program of Global Health College must pass the academic and health requirements of the institution. They have to provide a high school diploma or GED equivalent, transcript of records from the previous school attended, and a complete list of the immunization record. Criminal background check and drug screening are also required to get into the program.


CNA certification in DC requires the students to take and pass the certification exam administered by Pearson Vue. The cost for the examination, both written and skills demonstration is $117. Apart from this, you also have to complete the application forms provided by the District of Columbia Health Professional Licensing Administration as well as the background check and fingerprinting. As soon as you pass the exam, you have to renew your license every two years and provide a proof of continuing education. The fee for the renewal of the permit is $12 as of the moment. Take note that you may be able to avail free CNA classes in DC, but you still have to shell out an amount of money for the exam and renewal processes.

If a certified nursing aide from another state has qualified as a credentialed CNA in that state, but that area does not require successful completion of a competency evaluation program approved by the District of Columbia, the person may become certified in DC by completing the District’s competency evaluation program. When a CNA has not performed paid nursing or nursing-related services in a nursing facility for twenty-four consecutive months since the most recent completion of a state-approved training program, the nursing facility shall require the individual to complete a new training and competency evaluation program within four months of the first day of employment in the center.


Certified CNA’s must renew their certification once every two years as directed by the Director and shall meet any continuing education requirements established by the Department.