CNA classes in Los Angeles

Studying for a degree in nursing is a major step towards a career in the healthcare field. By getting a certificate in nursing, one increases the chances of getting employed in the medical field. But what is more important is having knowledge of the best place where you will get the most suitable CNA training and excel in your studies.

Nurse Assistants work with patients in many different facilities, most often long-term care facilities. During their day a CNA will perform duties underneath a Registered Nurse. Those duties include checking and monitoring vital signs, bathing and grooming, feeding and simply spending time with the patient. CNAs contribute to a better way of living for patients who may otherwise be unable to achieve this goal.

While it would be nice to be able to simply start working as a CNA, it is required that training first is taken, followed by completion of a state exam. This process ensures that only those competent to serve the needs of patients fill the positions. Training is short, usually between two and six weeks.

For the people living in Los Angeles and aspire to become nurses, they should consider looking for institutions that will not only offer them training but also link them with employers after they have graduated. Luckily CNA classes in Los Angeles have helped many people live up to their dreams. The following are some of the institutions that offer CNA programs;

Los Angeles Harbor College

Los Angeles Harbor College is one of the best places where CNA classes in Los Angeles (through grants & scholarships) are provided. For the offered program, it consists of clinical experiences and lectures which is offered for 7 weeks and 24 hours for every week. After the students have completed the program effectively, they are eligible to do the State of California Certification Examinations to get a certificate. But not all people get to learn these courses for free; some have to pay if they haven’t acquired the scholarships or grants from the school. One of the main aims of this institution is to help the students become efficient health workers who will not only focus on short-term goals but also long-term.

West Los Angeles College

For people living in California, they should consider learning their programs in West Los Angeles College.  The students have to undertake theory sessions and clinical work for 54 and 108 hours respectively. In West Los Angeles College, the classes take place on Thursday and Tuesday evenings. The CNA program runs for 9 weeks and at affordable charges. Most of the students are taught more on infection control, safety principles, social and emotional support and different ways of facilitating physical care. Generally, the training offered by this institution helps you gain the skills and experience for you to pass the state exams and become a certified nurse in all capacities. Get some more details about the location and curriculum followed by logging to

California Board of CNAs

California Board of CNAs does an incredible job of the students. It was created after several agencies and organizations came together and partnered towards creating Board of Supporters and for all those who are aspiring to partake CNA certification and training. Its main aim is to ensure that the CNA programs trained in schools and the exams and certification given within the state of California are recommendable and in accordance to the requirements set by the federal and state authorities. This board also helps students experiencing financial strain to go on with their studies well because they help them in finding free CNA classes in Los Angeles.

SouthCal Educational Institute

SouthCal Educational Institute is located in sunny Los Angeles near the beach. Imagine earning your CNA certification while enjoying amazing views day in and day out! During the CNA training at SCEI, students will learn patient care skills, patient rights, how to monitor vital signs and so much more.

St. Francis Career College

St. Francis Career College makes it easy for those ready to work as a CNA to receive the proper training. Small class sizes of just 15 people ensure that each student is able to attain the individualized learning that he or she needs to succeed. And, with many payment options available, this will never stand in the way of your education.

The St. Francis CNA program consists of 170 hours of training. This is both in the classroom as well as in a clinical setting. Day and evening courses are provided.

Care Training Services

Care Training Services is located on Glenwood Avenue in Los Angeles. They offer free CNA classes in Los Angeles that begin monthly. In order to attend the CNA training program, an application must be completed. An interview must also take place. If accepted, the CNA program offered will prepare you to take the state exam and begin working within just a few short months. Adults with a high school diploma or equivalent are encouraged to apply.

 In a city as big as Los Angeles, there are certainly many programs offering CNA training, however we think those listed above will stand out in your mind as they offer exceptional training (both paid and free classes) to create exceptional CNAs. It is in your best interest to contact the school of your choice right away and begin training as quickly as possible. Classes fill quickly, as the CNA career is always one that is in-demand. Your new career could be closer than you think but you must take the first step and get in touch with the best school for your needs. Which school will you soon be attending?

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