Free CNA Classes With Grants and Scholarships

There is more than one scholarship or grant available, which will be able to help you pay for school when you need it. The financial aid department of your nursing school is one right place to start looking for scholarships and grants.

Often the people working in these departments will have an abundance of knowledge, which will become useful when it comes to your current predicament. You will be able to pay for part or all of the education with some of these scholarships. This is one of the best places to start, as there are many resources to fall under your usage.


As a whole, the sole reason the workforce investment act was created, was to give people a chance of becoming employed. By using the local workforce office, you are eligible for free training, mainly if you have not been employed for some time. You will find that the nursing assistant training is among the programs, which you can obtain for free through the WIA. If you are qualified, you will not need to pay any charges for the training.


The opportunity grant is created especially for those, who are for some reason not eligible to obtain traditional financial aid. As a whole, the requirements always differ, but in general, you will see that based on income, you could become eligible for training at a community college. The Oregon Highline Community College has a program, which could benefit from the Opportunity grant for instance. To understand more about qualification, you should talk to the financial aid office in some community college located in the state you are living.


There are a lot of places that offer free CNA training programs to disabled individuals who cannot afford any healthcare training. These are available at most of the local offices dedicated to residents with disabilities. In fact, to fill up the vacancies for CNA jobs, a lot of today’s colleges and organizations offer some excellent scholarships.

The US Department of Health and Human Services is giving money to over 100 different educational facilities, to make CNA training much more affordable. The money is mainly used for the creation of grants and scholarships, for those, who cannot afford to go for training.

There are schools, which also offer NA scholarships for all of us, who are planning on continuing the education after becoming CNAs. If you want to work as an LPN or RN, you will quickly discover that there are even more scholarships.

You will also see many federal, state and private establishments that will provide NA Scholarships for all those who are practicing as CNAs in rural areas, and areas which are either under-served or with a high demand for professionals. If you are planning on working in this type of area, you should seek out these scholarships only.

All those who are looking to hire CNAs will offer scholarships or tuition aid to employees, who are done with their CNA training. You should be on the lookout for all agencies and institutions, which provide this scholarship, coupled with job graduation. You will need to make commitments to the company for a while if you are receiving this award.

If you are planning on training as a CNA, there is an abundance of grants and scholarships, which could be of assistance when training, and you should just commit to some research to find the right one. If you want to become more eligible for the scholarships, you should try out volunteering in nursing homes or other institutions, to show your dedication. It does not matter how you are going to pay – becoming a CNA is one of the most rewarding experiences ever.

Other Ways to Find Free CNA Training Programs

The CNA training programs offered by the federal government are often the best options for prospective students seeking for ways to cover the expenses of the course. However, when these opportunities are not available, you can try to check these institutions.


There are a lot of scholarships offered in schools providing a CNA training program. Individuals with good academic standing can take advantage of these scholarships to lessen the cost of the healthcare course or get it for free. Most of the time, scholarship programs are available in the school’s Financial Aid Office, and these are limited. Interested students have to check its availability first and requirements that are needed to be considered. Meeting the standard grades is also an important thing to remember when applying for a scholarship program.

Private Organizations

Depending on the state where you are at, several private organizations provide free CNA training programs to qualified beneficiaries. These agencies are created for a good cause, and some of them will help you get a CNA training program to let you start a rewarding and fulfilling career in the healthcare field. Try to check some of the organizations in your community that focuses on improving the welfare of elderly residents and unemployed adults. They might sponsor your CNA education once you meet their criteria and you agree with the conditions they set for their beneficiaries.

Job Corps

Job Corps has been helping several residents who wish to start a career in nursing. They provide free CNA training programs to qualified individuals who excel academically and those who are economically disadvantaged. Aside from the free tuition, they also give books, uniforms, accommodations, supplies, and living expenses of their CNA students. They even assist their graduates to become successful in the certification exam and in finding a job that enables them to work as a CNA. However, getting into the free CNA training program of Job Corps is often challenging because of the selective admission process. If you do not meet their criteria, you might not be given a chance to study for free.

Nursing Homes or Potential Employers

If you work in a healthcare facility as a non-certified professional, you can ask your employer for a sponsored CNA training. The employer may give you an opportunity to study and will bear the cost of the education once you agree to work for them for a specified period. On the other hand, if you are not employed in a healthcare facility, and you have the desire to become a Certified Nursing Assistant, you can look for nursing homes that offer free CNA training.

These employers are often searching for qualified people who can potentially work in their facility as nursing assistants. If you have a high school diploma or GED equivalent and you are passionate about serving other people, start searching for potential employers and apply. They will train you to become a part of their institution and will help you pass the state certification exam, but you have to agree to the contract given.