CNA Classes in Baltimore MD

The city of Baltimore which can be found in Maryland is known to be appealing and historic in nature. In fact, it was coined as the best place to work as a CNA professional. Due to the fact that it provides a lot of benefits for CNA professionals, it provides a highly competitive in earning benefits. Aside from that, it is bound to increase in job opportunities and demands for CNAs in Baltimore.  According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are about 35% increases of job opportunities for CNA positions by 2020.

CNAs are always needed in Baltimore. These individuals are the heart of patient care, working under Registered Nurses in long-term care facilities. Duties of a Nurse Assistant include monitoring and checking vital signs, feeding, bathing, grooming and so much more. Nurse Assistants are very special individuals with big hearts; they desire to help others who would be unable to make it day-to-day without them.

In Baltimore, the average salary of a CNA is $23,550 per year, though many factors can contribute to the actual earnings that you will receive. By taking CNA and GNA classes in Baltimore MD, students can receive a multitude of benefits, including knowing they are making a huge impact in the lives of other people every single day.

If you think of working in Baltimore, being in the medical field is the most stable and rewarding career. Even if you are not a college graduate, you can be a nursing assistant and have a good paying salary. Becoming a nursing assistant in Baltimore takes few weeks only as long as you pass the training and certification exam. If you cannot afford the training, you can avail a free CNA training in Baltimore MD. Nursing homes, hospitals, and long-term healthcare facilities are looking for CNA’s and if you are one of them, you can easily get employed to any of these institutions. Simply know where to get the training and be equipped for a great career ahead of you.

Paid CNA training in Baltimore MD

Some hospitals or nursing homes that urgently need nursing assistants offer paid CNA training in Baltimore MD. However, there are also some institutions that reimburse your expenses on the training program once you get employed to their facility. Just do a little research if you want to avail this. If you are unfortunate enough, do not worry. After you get certified, there are several healthcare institutions waiting for you so you can always have a job. Make sure that the facility offering the free CNA training in Baltimore MD is approved by the state. Maryland Higher Education Commission has the list of state-approved facilities offering CNA training. You can take a look on their website and contact the schools one by one.

CNA Courses in Baltimore MD

CNA courses Baltimore MD can be availed at several recognized schools and healthcare institutions. Baltimore Academy of Nursing Assistants offers six weeks CNA training with classroom lectures and clinical exposure. A registered nurse will teach the students about basic nursing skills in order to equip them in the certification exam and their career in the future. Meanwhile, The Caroline Center is also a source of CNA classes. This institution provides assistance to unemployed or underemployed women through paid or inexpensive education, training, and support. Students who are eligible to take the training program will have the opportunity to join clinical internships in nursing homes that can lead them to an employment. Lastly, Stein Academy offers affordable programs to individuals who want are interested in studying allied health courses, career development, and technology. The CNA program in this school lasts to five weeks. These three institutions are approved by Maryland State Board of Nursing.

CNA certification in Baltimore Maryland

CNA certification in Baltimore MD can be achieved once you finish the training program. There will be a certification exam given by the Maryland State Board of Nursing in order to assess the competency of nursing assistants. If you pass the exam right away, your name will be listed on the Nurse Aide Registry of the state. However, if you failed, you are still given two chances. If on the third time you did not pass the exam, the state requires a re-training. The license you have as a CNA is valid for two years and renewal can be done through the website of Maryland State Board of Nursing.

Job Skills and Educational Requirements

Training for a Certified Nursing Assistant qualifies the individual to care for those in in-patient and out-patient facilities, under the supervision of a physician or Registered Nurse (RN). CNA training in Baltimore covers the basic responsibilities of a Certified Nursing Assistant, which can include taking blood pressure readings, checking a patient’s vital signs, taking temperature readings, observing a patient’s behavior, monitoring a patient’s food intake, and maintaining the patient’s medical records, complete with the CNA’s noted observations. CNAs should be able to provide care for patients in a safe environment while being compassionate to the patient or client’s needs, as the CNA will be required to do tasks of the housekeeping/personal hygiene nature. This can include changing bedpans, changing catheters, and bathing patients. Patients with mobility issues need additional assistance in getting in and out of bed, standing, and using the restroom facilities.

Certified Nursing Assistants can work in many settings, including a hospital, a patient’s home, and an assisted-living facility. CNAs also should have excellent communication skills so that a change in a patient’s behavior can be communicated to the CNAs supervisor, as well as documented in the patient’s medical charts.

In Maryland, Certified Nursing Assistants must complete training and pass a state-administered exam. Those who cannot pass the exam within three attempts must repeat their CNA training. After certification, re-certification is required every two years. Price of licensing and re-certification can range between $20 and $40.

The regulation of certification and training lies in the hands of the Maryland Board of Nursing.  They have approved a total of 100 more CNA programs all over the state itself. The person enrolled in CNA classes in Baltimore should complete 100 to a maximum of 120 hours of classroom lecture and clinical hands-on training.

When you finish, you take the Nurse Aide Examination in Baltimore. When you pass, your name will be added to the Maryland Nurse Aide Registry. Background checks should be done also as part of the requirements prior to enrolling in the CNA classes in Baltimore.

CNA Classes in Baltimore by American Red Cross

American Red Cross is widely known to not only aid in medical scenes but also provide training for CNA aspirants. They are packed with the best professionals who are willing to devote their time, skills and knowledge in the CNA training program that this institution offers.

Nurse One, Inc

Nurse One, Inc is located in Lanham, Maryland. It is a top CNA training program in the state. The program enrolls students who are at least 18 years of age and wish to work as a Nurse Aide or a Certified Geriatric Nurse Assistant (GNA.) A total of 120 hours is offered through the program, after which time individuals are eligible to take the state exam. The cost of attending the program is $990, although the option of making payments on this amount is offered.

Bon Secours Baltimore

Bon Secours Baltimore area hospital offers a great CNA training program for adults ready to take on the challenges of the position. The cost of the program varies, and those who complete it may be eligible for employment with the organization after taking the state exam. Classroom and clinical training are provided during the three weeks of training that students receive.

Caroline Center

Caroline Center is a wonderful place to attain the necessary CNA training.  There are three different programs offered to women during the year, each taking place for 15-weeks in duration. During this time, all ladies in the program are offered the training that is needed to become the best CNA inside of Baltimore. Caroline Center accepts a total of 60 students per class so it is important that you apply early if you wish to attend. Classes take place Monday through Friday.

Stein Academy

Stein Academy offers CNA training in Baltimore, as well as training for other medical careers. Three classes are offered in five weeks for daytime and evening classes, and in 11 weeks for weekend classes. Students are taught in a classroom setting with practice equipment for laboratory sessions. For registration, students are required to bring a photo ID; social security card copy; a copy of their high school diplomas or GEDs; registration fee; immunization records; and a copy of CPR/first aid certification.

The school’s website states that classes are between five weeks and 12 weeks, and that tuition is considerably cheaper at Stein Academy than other schools. The school is approved by the Maryland Higher Education Commission, while the CNA program offered is approved by the Maryland Board of Nursing.

Baltimore City Community College

Baltimore City Community College is an institution that provides you with the right amount of hours that are accustomed to the regulations mandated by the Maryland Board of Nursing.

Baltimore City Community College (BCCC) provides another great CNA training program for adults interested in working in the healthcare field. Their CNA program offers one semester of class work to eligible students, teaching nursing skills, patient rights, how to approach patients and so much more. Many people enjoy the CNA program through this school and consider it to be one of the best in the entire state. Applications are accepted online and in person and must be submitted with the proper application and registration fees. There are two classes that start each year.

Community College of Baltimore County

At the Community College of Baltimore County, students can prepare for a career as a CNA or Geriatric Nursing Assistant (GNA) by participating in Nursing Assistant Training in order to receive a Continuing Education Certificate. The program can be completed in less than six months, and the course includes 92 hours of rigorous classroom instruction and 52 hours of training in a clinical setting. Applicants interested in the program should be able to follow written and verbal directions; stand for a long period of time; lift at least 50 pounds; have strong hand-eye coordination; and multi-task; among other program requirements.

CNA and GNA classes in Baltimore MD

Generally, we all have different ambitions and dreams that we would like to achieve. People in Baltimore have varying goals and most would die to become certified nurses and take other programs in the medical field. For those who live in state, there are many places where these CNA and GNA classes in Baltimore MD can be attended at very affordable costs and they include;

Johns Hopkins University

Johns Hopkins University is one of the most incredible institutions that one would achieve a nursing certificate from. It has a big and wide School of Nursing that majors in all areas of medical and nursing activities. This university is widely known for providing CNA and GNA classes in Baltimore MD, therefore, most students consider it.

Depending on the extent to which you want to learn and extend your studies, maybe a degree or masters, the costs vary. There are some reasons that have made JHU famous and they include; strictness of their program, excellent provision scholarships and a good reputation of producing quality health workers who are hot cakes in the market; taken by employers.  JHU offers all quality skills and knowledge to all their students and also tests them on exams recommended by the board. To get all the details about the curriculum offered, log on to

Cambridge Nursing Assistant Academy

This is one of the many options that people living in Baltimore can also consider. Most of the CNA and GNA classes in Baltimore MD are scheduled in the best way that people admire and are comfortable with.  For the classroom sessions, the students are taught for 80 hours, the same number hours for lab skills and for clinical experiencing and exposure both out and in the facility, 40 hours are set aside for that. For the people who want to get jobs as Geriatric Nursing Assistants, they should undergo a Certified Nursing Assistant course then sit for the Certified Nursing Assistant Licensing examination. Cambridge Nursing Assistant Academy ensures that the students who have any financial problems are assisted by offering them tuition payments plans. For those who might be working during the day, they have a good chance of studying at night. The CNA and GNA classes offered in this institution are amazing because the students get a chance of utilizing their talents in the field of nursing.

For those who want free CNA classes in Baltimore MD, this is another place to consider. The classes offered in this institution are defined- 80 hours of lab skills and classroom and 40 hours of clinical experiencing both out and inside the facility. After undertaking these classes, students should then sit for Certified Nursing Assistant Licensing examination. But this is done by only those who wish to be employed by Geriatric Nursing Assistants and have already completed Certified Nursing Assistant course.

The Maryland Board of Nursing helps the students to have more knowledge of the best places to get CNA and GNA classes in Baltimore MD is something that this board must be recommended on. They do that by compiling and coming up with a list of all the nursing and medical schools in Baltimore, where all types of nursing degrees are provided both private and public. This helps the students in finding it easier to look for good schools which will suit them. This board also plays a major role in students’ lives by offering them scholarships, grants; also assist them with testing, supplies and achieving success. Log on to and learn more.

MBN helps the students who want to pursue nursing in knowing the best places, colleges and the best type of programs to undertake by giving them a list of all of those. You can also click here and get all the schools and courses posted.  It also sponsors students who might be experiencing some hardships and enables them to continue well with their studies. This board also assists the students find grants, supplies, scholarships and also helps with testing, motivating the students to pass well and access free CNA classes in Baltimore MD. For one to become a certified nursing assistant, the person must work harder and be smart. Achieving such a thing doesn’t come from a silver platter, it’s a great achievement and with support, all is possible.

Working as a CNA is one of the most rewarding jobs in the world, and it doesn’t take years of college to earn a degree. When you are ready to make a serious change in your life, take a look at the above CNA and GNA classes in Baltimore MD and learn which is right for you. You could be just weeks away from a new career in healthcare!


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